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Why a multistage, professional carpet cleaning process works better than DIY machines?

A few things you should know about the cleaning process

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Well so, you realized at some point that your beloved carpets don’t look clean any longer. 

Obviously there are plenty of reasons – it could just be a lot of traffic, your pet accidents or even food or drink spillages. It will happen, don’t worry, in some cases after a few months, in others – after a few years.

And as much as clean carpet is not the most important thing in your life – I’m sure that this is the point where you will start to think about solving that problem.

So what should I do? You will probably ask

Well, first things first: think and choose smart. We have heard many times from our customers, how impressed they were regarding the results we achieve. In many cases on the other hand – we hear stories about them using equipment you can rent and literally getting nowhere.
We fully understand the reasons that push customers to use DIY machines. It’s in our nature. If something is broken, we try to do our best to get it fixed. And in most cases – we try to fix it ourselves, hence we go with one of those domestic, so-called DIY machines. Again – you can’t change our human nature.

Why professional carpets cleaning service?

Let’s start from the beginning. For instance – you decided to rent a machine. What are the pros? Well, you can have it for 24h (or more if you paid for that), you can clean as much as you want (until you run out of expensive cleaning solution, you had to buy). And I would say that is all, if we talk about the pros.

Now the cons. I am not sure where to start, there is so many of them.

First one: you waste a lot of time, as you have to pick it up and take it back. Time you could spend with the kids or even doing nothing in your garden.

Second one: you don’t know, was that machine sanitized after the previous job, you don’t know who used it before.

I remember one of the jobs we have done last year for a customer that decided to use a rental machine and literally straight after the carpet cleaning, she complained about an awful smell. To cut the story short, there were lots of dirty residues left inside the machine and on the brushes, as it was not cleaned and sanitized after the previous job. And all of those dirty residues were transferred to the customer’s carpet.

Third reason: you have to clean it by yourself. And yes – you’re absolutely right, carpet cleaning is not rocket science. Yet, it’s good to know what kind of carpets can be cleaned with certain chemicals. For example, wool does not like: too much water, high pH cleaning solutions, etc. So the problem is – you can do more harm, than good. Not to mention that – again – it will take ages to clean up the full house. It’s a time you could spend with your family.

Fourth reason: over wetting…

Over wetting – one of the biggest mistakes

I’d like to talk a little bit longer about this subject. It’s very common for DIY and rental machines to not to be able to suck enough water during the cleaning process. So just imagine, that you do a few passes, thinking that carpet will look cleaner and every single time you leave more and more water in the carpet.

What is going to happen next? – Well, if you are lucky – stains just will reappear on a surface, when the carpet dries. The worst case scenario – awful smell staying for weeks. It’s pretty simple – if you leave too much water in the carpet, you literally start feeding the bacteria, and they start to create that musty smell. And that is a very serious problem.

So if you are using something, that puts much more water, than can be sucked out after – it’s a recipe for disaster. Feel free to read more about that problem in our article about unpleasant smell.

So what is the alternative?

Well – the answer could be just one – professional, steam carpet cleaning!

Let’s just compare both ways of solving the problem. First – time. As we do the cleaning, your presence is not necessary, you can either spend the time with your kids, in the garden or simply watch us doing the job (we don’t mind).

Second – we always sanitize equipment between jobs. We used to do it since we started our carpet cleaning business in Manchester in 2014 and it’s even more important now, with all that awful virus stuff.

Third – we do the job so, again – you don’t waste the precious time, you also can be sure, that we use all our knowledge to do the job properly. And we don’t mind if you ask questions, we are always happy to help and answer.

And fourth reason – we don’t have a problem with over wetting. Why? Because we use one of the best carpet cleaning machines available on the market! We don’t need your water or electricity to do a job, as it’s run by petrol engine, and we carry on our water. As in most cases we are able to use a temperature close to 100 degrees, we can guarantee exceptional drying time. But if we think, that you would benefit from us using special drying equipment – we will use it, obviously with no extra charges.

So, which is better – professional cleaners or DIY machines?

Well, I think the answer is pretty simple, and there is just one correct answer. With professional, multistage cleaning service you get carpets extremely deep cleaned, cleaned fast and with drying time second to none. And as it’s done by a fully trained and insured team – you get a peace of mind.

But I’m curious, what is your opinion? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

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