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Unpleasant smell after cleaning – why?

The few things you should know about the reasons and how to avoid that problem.

So let’s start from a beginning

You either ordered a carpet cleaning service, or you have decided to clean the carpet by yourself. We all get to that stage at some point, as do we like it or not – carpets will get dirty, it is just a matter of time. But funny (or not so much funny) thing – carpet started to smell worse after cleaning. Well, It’s probably the last thing you expected and wanted.

There is the few main reasons, why it could happen:

  • over wetting a carpet;
  • water damage (any kind of leaks, for example);
  • pet stains (very common urine stains, for example).

So let’s start from a first reason – leaving too much water in a carpet

The most common and in the same time the most effective way of cleaning carpets is so-called Hot Water Extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning). 

The whole idea of that process is that certain cleaning solutions are sprayed on the carpet first, then dirt and cleaning solutions are extracted from the carpet. Obviously, it’s not the whole process, you can find more information about the carpet cleaning process here.

What is the best thing to extract dirt from a carpet?
Obviously strong vacuums. It’s proven, that the most powerful carpet cleaning machines on a market are truck mounted cleaning systems. They are extremely powerful, can reach extremely high temperatures and due to massive vacuums – they can leave carpets touch dry.

So let’s get back to a problem: awful smell

That problem occurs in many cases, when we try to clean carpets using DIY machines or the one’s with vacuums not powerful enough. Unfortunately people believe, that if we make more wet passes – carpet will look better. But it actually means, that we simply leave more and more water in a carpet. In roughly 24h after that kind of cleaning – bacteria start to grow and create that musty smell.

We strongly believe that risk of using DIY machine or company that we know nothing about is much higher, than using a reputable, local carpet cleaning company. Especially if they use a truck mounted cleaning system, so up to 90-95% of water can be extracted from a carpet.

Water damage vs carpet cleaning – what you should know

It’s not uncommon to have an unpleasant surprise: water leak. As we mentioned above – if we leave too much water for too long – we simply
create a problem. Unfortunately the worst thing that could be done in that case is just to clean up carpet.

We had many phone calls in a past from customers saying that carpets need to be cleaned. During our assessment they admit, that water leak caused and unpleasant smell. Just imagine – you have bacteria in your carpet and by simple cleaning process you just add more water. It’s almost like you decide to feed them.

Carpet cleaning process looks different, if it is a water damage

In most cases underlay has to be removed and replaced. Then carpet should be cleaned on both sides, and what is even more important – treated with some anti microbial, like Formula 429. 

As remember: – do we like it or not, due to cleaning process we added some water to a carpet so, we need to be sure to stop bacteria from growing. The rest of the job is a job for a carpet fitter – as it has to be re stretched and fitted properly.

Pet stains – what can we do about it?

If you have pets you know, that accident is just a matter of time. Especially if it’s a puppy. Let’s be honest – them smelly accidents 
could make a whole house smell pretty awful… The standard carpet cleaning would be a remedy for a pet body oils or general “pet” smell, but will not solve a problem with urine stains, for example. It could actually initially make a smell worse, as hot water could activate urine salts. 

Urine treatment require completely different approach. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t stay just in a carpet, but also in the underlay. So, we have to use cleaning solutions and tools designed for urine. They need to work directly with urine and being able to remove and neutralize source of odor. In some cases, it would be a good idea to replace the part of the underlay affected.

UNPLEASANT SMELL AFTER CLEANING – could that be caused by cleaning process?

The simple answer is no – if it’s done properly.

Professional carpet cleaning company will always asses a job first, choosing the best possible tools and cleaning solutions. What’s even more important – thanks to powerful truck mounted cleaning system carpets will be 
touched dry.

That is why Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd is one of the most reputable carpet cleaning company in Manchester
Unfortunately if you decide to use a DIY tool or carpet cleaning companies with no experience or using outdated equipment, the answer for the main question isn’t so obvious… 

What is your experience? Share your story in comments below.

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