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Seven ways to keep your carpet clean for longer

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As we mentioned many times in a past

Carpets are one of the most expensive things you pay for in a lifetime. Probably you paid more only for your house, car and furniture. So why do we make so many mistakes and not care properly for something so expensive? Here’s the few tips, that should help you keep your carpets clean for longer.

No 1. Take off your shoes inside a house

It’s the simplest, the easiest and the cheapest way to keep your carpet clean for much longer. We all know, that weather is unpredictable in the United Kingdom, so even without noticing we can transfer extreme amount of dirt to our carpets just by walking on it. 

Another extremely effective way to stop dirt form spreading is covering part of entrance with runner or a mat. That gives you a great protection against dirt – it would stay trapped in something covering your hallway.

No 2. Use vacuum on a regular basis

Sounds like a silly thing, but trust me – it works. Try to be sure, that you use a decent vacuum cleaner, preferably one with a roller brush. Why? Because that way you can pick up much more dirt, not to mention pet hairs. There are two more important things about using a vacuum cleaner: speed and the height of brush. You can’t vacuum carpet to fast, as your vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be able to pick up enough dirt. If we talk about the height of a roller brush – if it will be to low, you can damage carpet, if it will be to high – whole process would not work.

No 3. If you have pets – try to be sure, that they’re trained to urinate outdoors
Urine stains are really difficult to be removed, especially from natural fibers, not to mention awful smell. You have to remember, that biggest problem with the urine is that it stays not just in a carpet, but also in the underlay. As a result – it requires a special urine treatment and in some cases underlay has to be replaced.

No 4. Treat stains straight away

But be really careful, as wrong choice of weapon could set the stain and make it permanent. We strongly advise not to use a stain removers from a supermarket shelf, as they could be too strong for your carpet (wool carpets, for example) and could literally bleach a colour. It happens pretty often, that they leave sticky residue in your carpet as well. As a result – carpet gets dirty extremely fast after that kind of treatment.
What is the safest way?

We always suggest going with a cold water (as a hot one could set a stain – blood, for example) and a white paper or terry towel as a first resort. That way you will change dilution of a spillage, and you will remove as much as possible without using harsh chemicals. Always remember not to rub a carpet, just blot it. Rubbing will only push the source of dirt deeper, not to mention it could damage fibers.

No 5. Clean carpets professionally
Well, that sounds like another simple thing to do, but many people forget that it should be done roughly every 12 months. Just remember, we’re talking about a professional carpet cleaning, not some cowboys using DIY machines. I’m sure that you have heard stories about carpet cleaners arriving with something looking like a little bit bigger wet vacuum and pretending to be professionals. Unfortunately size matter, in most cases, the bigger machine, the more powerful vacuums. That means carpet is cleaned deeper and drying time is second to none. The most powerful machines are self-sufficient truck mounted cleaning machines. They don’t even require access to your water and electricity, so no messing with buckets or wires around your house.
No 6. Be careful when use stains removers

If you decide to use a spot remover from the supermarket shelf – try it in some inconspicuous area first to see, how it’s going to affect the carpet. The reason I mention that is simple – some spot removers contain oxidizers, so could possibly bleach your carpet. It is much safer to try it in some corners or under furniture. The worst case scenario – you will bleach the carpet in a corner area instead of creating a massive mark in the middle of a living room. 

No 7. Stay away from so-called “discount carpet cleaners”

Well, as they always say – you get what you pay for. If you think, that the price for your carpet to be cleaned is so low, that you can’t believe, how lucky you are – you will probably end up with damaged goods.

Professional carpet cleaning it’s a process that requires time, knowledge, and equipment. As you need your carpets to be cleaned probably once in 12 months, it’s worth to choose a reputable company, even if you have to pay a little bit more.

If you have any other ideas, how could you prolong a lifespan of your carpets – share your thoughts in comments below.

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