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How to find the best carpet cleaners in your area?

As stated above it’s always good to be sure, that whoever will clean your carpet or upholstery – will be the best! But let’s try to answer a simple question: what do we mean by “the best“?

It’s funny thing, as if you take a look at carpet cleaners adverts, one of the most common phrases are “we are the best“, “choose the best“. Not to mention my personal favourite – “you tried the rest, now try the best”. Of course, most of us (carpet cleaners) think, that there is no other carpet cleaning company in our area that provide such an amazing service and we are soooooo good, that we should be fully booked at least a year ahead. But based on our still pretty short, 6 years experience – it doesn’t matter what we say about us, what really matter is what customer think about results of our work!


If you want to take your wife to a restaurant to celebrate anniversary, you’re not going to choose a random place. I bet, that as you want to be sure she’ll be happy you will check a place first. Happy wife = happy life 😁. And what’s the best way to check quality of service? – Yes, you are absolutely right – REVIEWS!
So if you want to be sure, that you choose a right carpet cleaners – check not what we say about ourselves 🙂 , check what customers think about our work. As lets face it – every tradesman will tell you everything you want to hear to get your business, but previous customers will prove, was that true! So before you choose someone, who would take care of your carpets and upholstery – check, what customers already think about quality of service!


Another thing you have to consider, if you want to be sure, that your carpets will be cleaned properly. That your expensive Belgian Wilton carpet will not shrink after cleaning and your beloved Axminster 100% wool won’t get browning after. Training is essential, although we noticed lately that not all carpet cleaners start that great journey with training courses. They rather decide to learn cleaning your posessions and watching, what will happen 🙂 . Is experience important? – Of course, we get smarter every single day, every single job let us learn new things. Even if we think, that we have seen everything – there is always something, that can surprise us. Obviously it’s pretty interesting, if you see an advert of 24 years old carpet cleaner claiming, that he has 20 years of experience 😁 . That was an early start I guess 😀 ) , but that is a different story 😜


Well, plenty of things we could say here. Let’s be honest – there are some essential tools, that need to be used to deliver great results. I’m not saying, that powerful Truck Mounted cleaning system makes you a great carpet cleaner straight away – definitely not, as it’s just a tool. And you need certain skills to make that tool works. Simply to be sure, that carpet and sofas are cleaned up to customers standards. If that would be so easy – we all would be great mechanics, dentists, builder just because we have tools. To use a tool – we need training and experience . On the other side – if you pay a top price for someone showing with a pretty common, rental, red carpet cleaning machine 😂 – you should rethink, is it something you really want to do 🙄 .


think that really matters as well, although not everyone would agree with that. Of course, there is plenty of great carpet cleaners just starting that fantastic journey. But from a customer point of view – well established business gives more confidence. It’s funny, not sure if you do the same, but if you choose to purchase something from eBay. Would you go with a seller with 1000’s items sold in last few years or a seller with 50 items, selling from an account, that has been recently added? Again – I’m far from saying, that new carpet cleaning companies are bad. It’s just it’s easier to trust businesses present on market for years. If there were here many years ago, there is a massive chance, that they will be there in many, many more years 😁 . We’ve been trading since 2014 and hope to trade for at least next 20 years, don’t think that we’ll be able to do it longer, we’re not getting younger, that’s for sure 😂 .

So remember, dear customers – do your research, before you choose. And if you are not sure – always ask, that could save you lot’s of unpleasent surprises 😉 .

Thank you for reading. If you would like to share your thoughts about a topic – just simply comment below!

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