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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Well, it all depends on what exactly needs to be cleaned. As soon as we know that, we’re able to give you an estimated amount of time we need to complete the whole process.

It all depends on the type of the carpet. For example, natural fibres such as wool, require longer to dry completely, whereas many synthetic fibres, dry extremely quickly. Although in most cases the carpet will be touch dry after approximately an hour, we always advise customers that the carpet will still require 4-6 hrs to fully dry. We also use a speedy drying equipment to reduce drying time.

We always suggest removing what is possible from the rooms which require cleaning, prior to our arrival. We’re happy try to move anything with reasonable weight that is safe to be moved around the room. In the same time we’ll discuss with you the possible options regarding moving furniture and hope to give you a clear picture of what can be moved in a safe way.

If the furniture is put directly on an even slightly damp carpet, it will stain the fabric!
Especially carpets made of wool. We always protect your carpets using special foam –
furniture foam blocks or foil pads that we place underneath the furniture (or its legs). We strongly advise you to not remove them unless the carpet is completely dry, in order to prevent potential problems.

We always ask customers to remove what is possible from the rooms in which the carpet cleaning process will take place. As we run our steam cleaning system directly from our van, we also require a parking space and a direct access to the property. Please be sure to direct our attention to the area which requires special care (such as pet related stains) as this will enable us to choose the best possible method of removal.

Yes, all cleaning solutions we use are kids and pet friendly! We only use solutions manufactured by global companies to be sure they have been thoroughly checked. They’re tested in every possible way, in other words they have passed all the law required tests.

We accept cash, bank transfer and card payments.


Yes, of course! We are happy to print an invoice for you or send it directly to your email address, whichever is easier for you.

Unfortunately, not always. As experienced carpet cleaners, we promise to do everything we can based on our knowledge, chemicals and equipment, to deliver the best possible results. However, in some cases the stains could be permanent. If we believe that there could be some stains we cannot remove, we will discuss that with you during pre-inspection.

Well, the golden rule is to have the carpets downstairs (including stairs) cleaned at least once every 12 months and the carpets upstairs, every 12 to 24 months. It all depends on traffic, the number of people living in the household, pets and etc. Carpets should be cleaned regularly to avoid heavy soiling, as this will significantly reduce the carpets lifespan.

Yes. We have a full public liability insurance including risk treatment, for the peace of your mind.

All our domestic quotes are based on an average size and by average we mean up to 12ft x 12ft (4m x 4m). Prices for carpet and upholstery cleaning are also based on bookings up to 15mile radius from Oldham (OL8 postcode), where we are based.

Price including cleaning solution applied, mechanical agitation, basic stains removal and rinisng using our truck mounted steam cleaning system. That way we can be sure, that dirt and solution we used for cleaning are removed from the carpet/fabric. Urine treatment, blood, paint and nail varnish removal would require separate treatment.
We also use a speedy drying equipment if necessary to leave your carpet/fabric as dry as possible.

You can always call or message us (07413804488), contact us using a website form or simply email us (at
info@rafscleaningservice.co.uk). Please be sure to specify what exactly needs to be cleaned, highlight the area that could possibly require extra treatments (urine, paint, nail varnish, make up etc.) and send us your contact details, including full address.

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We are a local, family carpet cleaning business established in 2014. We’re really proud to offer great quality service, in other words results are priority for us. Let me know if you've any questions.