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Facts or carpet cleaning myths? Let’s see!

Facts or carpet cleaning myths - Raf's Cleaning Service Ltd, carpet cleaning, carpet cleaners

Facts or carpet cleaning myths? Let’s see!

Carpet cleaning is often overlooked, yet it is an essential part of ensuring your carpet remains in optimal condition. Unfortunately, while many carpet cleaning tips are available online, some advice can be inaccurate and misleading. Fortunately, we’ve debunked some of the most common carpet cleaning myths to help keep your carpets looking their best.

No 1 – supermarket stain removers.

If you’re looking to clean up a stain on your carpet, it’s essential to be aware that shop-bought products might only sometimes provide the results you’re hoping for. Before using any product, think carefully about what kind of stain it is and what fabric the carpet is made from. Standard carpet cleaning products often don’t consider these factors, which can lead to further problems if an inappropriate solution or chemical is used. For example, many so-called “supermarket” stain removers could permanently remove the colour from your wool carpet.

Certain stains must be removed with strong alkaline and some with acid spot removers.

At best, this could mean wasted time and money; at worst, it could damage your carpet even more than before. Unfortunately, we came across many cases when a stain that could be easily removed was already permanent due to the wrong cleaning solution used. To avoid this risk, look for specialized carpet cleaners that cater to your type of stain or fabric. Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd is always happy to help!

No 2 – rental equipment vs professional one.

Carpet cleaning is no easy feat, and if you want to make sure your carpet looks its best, it’s worth investing in the services of a professional carpet cleaner. Companies use top-of-the-range machines designed to lift even the most stubborn dirt and deep clean carpets from tip to toe. As your local carpet cleaners in Manchester, we’re glad to say that our Truck-mounted system is one of the best available on the market.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, nothing beats the results achieved by professional carpet cleaners.

We use powerful machines designed to lift even the most stubborn dirt and grime from carpets, leaving them looking as good as new. In addition, the cleaning systems used by professionals are far superior to those available for hire, making them a much better option if you want your carpets deep cleaned to perfection.
So, as much as it’s tempting to use rental equipment – you will get much better quality cleaning and drying time using a professional service.

No 3 – drying takes days.

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. However, it can often feel like something that will take a long time to have done – and for the carpets to be dry again. But this isn’t necessarily the case! If quality carpet cleaning equipment is used, with quality technology, carpets should be back to their former glory within hours, not days. It’s worth mentioning that, in many cases, appropriate cleaning solutions will not require tons of water to deliver outstanding results.
As a professional team, we always use speedy drying equipment too, so most of the time – you can use your carpets straight away.

No 4 – Carpets get dirty faster after cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t something you should be wary of, as it comes with plenty of benefits. Not only does it restore your carpets to their original glory. It also make them look and smell fresh again – but it can also help extend the life of your carpets. A professional carpet cleaning company will always use powerful yet safe cleaning solutions. It simply means we remove deep-rooted dirt, grime and other allergens that can become trapped in the carpet fibres, causing them to deteriorate over time.

The cleaning solution will also not leave behind a sticky residue.

Does it make a difference? – Of course, as you don’t need to worry about your carpets becoming dirty quickly after being cleaned. Investing in professional carpet cleaning services is an excellent way to protect your carpets from further damage. It certainly will help keep them looking and smelling good for longer. So why not contact Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd today to find out more about our services? We’re able to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best way to look after your carpets.

No 5 – carpets shrink after cleaning.

Don’t be put off from getting your carpets professionally steam cleaned. Because when done correctly, it can make them look brand new again! Carpet cleaning companies with a good reputation know precisely what they are doing. For example, Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd have the expertise to clean each carpet according to its type. It means the correct methods will be used for stain removal, including pre-treatments and deep cleans. In addition, we always inspect carpets to find out what it’s made of and what’s under the fibres. And for example, Belgian Wilton carpets are treated differently than Axminster wool ones.

It means you don’t have to worry about shrinkage or damage.

With trusted carpet cleaning professionals, you can look forward to your carpets being transformed – leaving them spotless and looking as good as new. So don’t hesitate to contact Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd today!

No 6 – baking soda and magic powders.

When it comes to dealing with odors, professional carpet cleaners are the way to go. While baking soda can temporarily absorb some of the smells, it does not remove the source of the odor. That’s why investing in a good quality carpet cleaning service specialising in stain removal is key. Professional grade carpet cleaners use powerful suction to deep clean carpets from top down to the pad. The idea is simple – we want to remove any pet urine or other unpleasant odors in its tracks so it doesn’t cause permanent damage or return later on.

Don’t just mask bad smells. Please get rid of them for good!

Soda and other powders will only absorb moisture. They definitely will not neutralise the source of smell, that has to be removed first! So invest in quality carpet cleaning and make sure you have fresh and lovely looking carpets again.

No 7 – carpet isn’t that old, doesn’t need cleaning.

No matter the age of your carpet, professional carpet cleaning is critical to maintaining its freshness and appeal. With a deep clean, dirt trapped in a pile won’t be left behind – it’s impossible for regular vacuuming to do this alone! Professional carpet cleaners are experts at stain removal too. As a result – you don’t have to worry about spills ruining your precious carpets. Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd often use green products with no harsh chemicals or detergents. We want to keep your carpets safe for use around children and pets. So when your carpet begins to look dull or worn out, enlist the help of professionals and bring back its beauty and life! Professional carpet cleaning will ensure you can enjoy your beautiful carpets for years.

Generally, cleaning your carpets every 6-18 months is a good practice.

Call us today, if you need a professional service!

We hope that our article helps you. Of course, we don’t pretend to be the best carpet cleaners in the world. But we know how to clean carpets & upholstery, and we love what we do. So if there’s anything we can help you with – please contact us!

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