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Carpet cleaning in Heywood – before and after.

Dirty stairs carpet in Heywood

Why we’re one of the best carpet cleaners in Heywood?

We don’t like to use big words or promises, so when we saw that challenging carpet on the staircase – we had some doubts.

You can put lots of effort into removing certain stains, but sometimes it takes effort to get a decent result.

This can be especially true for organic stains like wine, coffee or pet droppings, as they are adamant to shift.
The customer who requested the job had been using Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd for some time. They always come away feeling immensely satisfied with our results. It was no different here – the client was thrilled with the results, and we can see why!

Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd has been a trusted carpet cleaning company in Heywood for over eight years. We’ve experienced everything from stubborn stains to difficult fabrics and carpet types. Our team of highly qualified carpet cleaners are dedicated to making sure your carpets look as good as new!

Picture of really clean carpet on staircase in Heywood

Beautiful results after – that staircase is now as clean as possible!

You need a reliable carpet cleaning company for these demanding jobs. The one with years of experience dealing with stubborn stains – such as Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd!

At Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd, our experienced staff strive to provide top-quality service to every customer. Every job is just enough for us to handle! Contact us today for your free carpet cleaning estimate in Heywood.

The results of Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd’s carpet cleaning service in Heywood are nothing short of amazing! From transforming the drab and dirty staircase carpet shown in the before and after pictures to lifting even the most stubborn stains, this team will always exceed your expectations and leave your carpets looking as good as new. As well as providing top-notch service, these experienced professionals aim to ensure every customer is happy with the job done. So for any carpet cleaning in Heywood, you may need, look no further than Raf’s Cleaning Service Ltd!

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We are a local, family carpet cleaning business established in 2014. We’re really proud to offer great quality service, in other words results are priority for us. Let me know if you've any questions.