Unpleasant smell after cleaning – why?

The few things you should know about the reasons and how to avoid that problem. So let’s start from a beginning You either ordered a carpet cleaning service, or you have decided to clean the carpet by yourself. We all get to that stage at some point, as do we like it or not – […]

Seven ways to keep your carpet clean for longer

As we mentioned many times in a past Carpets are one of the most expensive things you pay for in a lifetime. Probably you paid more only for your house, car and furniture. So why do we make so many mistakes and not care properly for something so expensive? Here’s the few tips, that should […]

How to find the best carpet cleaners in your area?

As stated above it’s always good to be sure, that whoever will clean your carpet or upholstery – will be the best! But let’s try to answer a simple question: what do we mean by “the best“? It’s funny thing, as if you take a look at carpet cleaners adverts, one of the most common […]